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Offer meaningful, fun, and creative learning experiences for children and empower parents and educators with the knowledge, tools, and ideas to create similar opportunities. In the process of our work, we strive to be inclusive of children’s voices, seek-out thought-provoking and creative ideas from all fields, and nurture a grassroots movement to improve education



If Ottiya was a garden, it would have diverse people from all walks of life sowing, planting, and caring for it. The garden would be a welcoming place for the young and old and for the expert gardener and the amateur gardener.

Our gardeners would listen to each other and be open to trying new gardening practices, inventing new tools to improve existing practices, and revisiting ideas from previous gardeners. Most of all, our gardeners would be passionate about gardening and enjoy creating and recreating the garden together with others. Together, our gardeners would think about the various plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and trees that could be planted in the garden: what would be beautiful? What would be useful? What would be fun? What would make us happy?



We began our work in spring 2017 with the successful launch of our magazine. Our magazines are an exploration of creative learning with our global community and we continue the conversation on our platform. Based on the shared dialogue and knowledge we gather from our community, we create meaningful, creative, and fun augmented reality books and virtual reality experiences.

Need help with globalizing your k-12 school, university, or ed-tech venture? Need help with research, design, or communicating your message? Contact us about Ottiya Consulting at hello[at]ottiya.com



Rufina is the Founder and Creative/Editorial Director of Ottiya. She is passionate about creating opportunities for meaningful, creative, and fun learning and education for all children. She is also deeply interested in youth empowerment and inspiring young people.

As a curriculum designer, teacher, and education researcher Rufina has worked with organizations such as Project Zero at Harvard University, the World Bank, the Global Ideas Institute at the University of Toronto, and Chadwick International (K-12). She has written extensively about education and youth including a report on South Korea’s creativity and software education that became the most viewed publication on the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada’s website in summer 2016. She holds a master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University and graduated with High Distinction from Trinity College, University of Toronto with a dual concentration in Int’l Relations and Asia Pacific Studies.

Veronica is the Publisher of Ottiya. She is interested in the intersections of management, education, and technology.

She has more than 20 years of experience in business management, international trade, and consulting in diverse fields ranging from education to natural resources, and high-tech. She’s also an avid participant in hackathons. In 2014, her team placed third in the 2014 Global Hackathon hosted by SDF and in 2010, she became a finalist of the 2010 International Mobile Contents Conference and Awards with her education app.  As a former Founder/CEO of an education tech company, Veronica was also invited to the S. Korean Blue House as a leading Korean-Canadian business woman.

Evelyn is the Assistant Editor of the Ottiya Magazine. She has a keen interest in seeing the children in gain global knowledge so that they can be competitive in the future society.

She has been involved in different projects related to education, such as creating a program that uses design thinking methods to help students in mid-West America enter elite universities. She was also part of a start-up that focused on designing a game-based platform to develop critical thinking skills among children between the ages of 11 to 14. Professionally, she is a policy analyst and maintains her interest in education through Ottiya. Evelyn holds a Master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University and graduated with a Bachelors in Science (Economics) from Singapore Management University.

Ray is an iOS/mobile developer at Ottiya. He is interested in the intersection of education and technology.

As a software engineer with experience working with teens from different cities, he’s excited to see how new technologies will enrich the educational experience for students all around the world. He’s led a 10-day course for Chinese high school students called “The Rise of the Internet of Things” at the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China and has volunteered as a college preparatory tutor for Boston high school students through Let’s Get Ready. During college, he’s made data visualizations for multiple online features for The Harvard Crimson newspaper. Professionally, he is a mobile developer at Capital One where he has volunteered through their CODERS program, a 10-week program that pairs software engineers with middle-school students to teach them the basics of computer programming. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Harvard University.



Issue One <Community>: Assistant print designer: Amy Sihyeon Jeong; Main Contributors (in order of appearance): Sally Chung, Mijeong Takahashi, Samantha Song, James MacDiarmid, Laura Tsang, Jerónimo van Schendel and Begoña de Abajo, Stephen SunNadia Düring Rosendahl, Laura Malou Philipsen and Mathilde Ploug Hansen, Evelyn Peiqi Ooi Widjaja, Rae Cao, Rebekah Nivala, Rufina K. Park, Hanna Otani and children from Greece, China, and South Korea


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