Thanks for your interest in submitting to the Ottiya magazine. All of the details are below:

What kind of content is Ottiya looking for?

We are looking for submissions that are thought-provoking and creative sprinkled with the right amount of research, narrative, and opinion

  • thought-provoking: offers a new perspective, opens up dialogue, makes us pause & think
  • creative: presents a new way of framing issues or an unconventional perspective + furthers the conversation about quality education

We want to hear from all of you: children, students, educators, designers, illustrators, programmers, and everyone else. Yes: children and adults are welcome to write together!

These are the three main sections that brings together diverse stories and activities in all of our magazines:


  • a short article that explains how adults and children can come together for learning and education + a hands-on activity for families and classrooms (for the ages of 6-12)

Design for Learning

  • an article that explores the intersections of design, architecture, and education

Community Voices

  • op-eds and other thought-provoking and creative articles

Suggested Article Formats: research article, site-visits, interview, short multi-part interviews (e.g. three perspectives on play), photo essays, op-eds

Our Current Focus: Ottiya Magazine Vol. 2 Play!


We are collecting drawings/illustrations by children between the ages of 6-12 (can be slightly younger or older) for the second issue of the Ottiya magazine which is all about P L A Y!! For each drawing/painting, please also ask your child to provide a description of his/her drawing in 3-5 sentences. If the description is in a language other than English, please provide the description in the original language and also in English.

If you’re interested in submitting an illustration, please scan the illustration and write a description of the drawing in an email to playottiya[at] with the headline: Ottiya_KidDrawing. Please note that the scanned image must be at least 2400 pixels in width (300 DPI) and you must be the parent/legal guardian or have consent from the parental/legal guardian.


What does ‘play’ look like to you? We are collecting photos of play (e.g. children playing, your favorite games, playfullearning).

If you’re interested in submitting your photo, please email playottiya[at] with the headline: Ottiya_Kids Playing Photograph. Please note that all photographs must be at least 300 DPI and the photograph must be taken by the photographer submitting it. Photographers must have obtained consent from the parental/legal guardian(s) of any children in the photo.

Full-length Articles

Ottiya welcomes submissions that spark conversations about quality education, provides a window into the best teaching & learning experiences from all over the world, and allows families, educators, and children to reflect together about learning and education.

Some suggestions for article topics are:

  • what does playful learning look like? how can learning be more enjoyable? (teaching & learning)
  • what are your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces to play? how can learning spaces encourage more play and fun?  (learning and education spaces)
  • how does play relate to creativity and design? (creativity and design)
  • play & family engagement (well-being & community)
  • what are the benefits of play? (values & ethics)
  • is play always good? what are the adverse effects of games and education?  (opinion)

If you’re interested in writing an article, please send your pitch to playottiya[at] with the email headline: Ottiya_Article Pitch with the following information:

  • Type of Article (Article Format) you are interested in writing
  • An abstract of your proposed piece (250~500 words)
  • Which category your article fits best in (hand-in-hand, design for learning, or community voices)
  • Plans for interviews/photography/research
  • A Brief description of why you’re qualified to write this article (200 words)

Magazine Submission FAQ

When is the submission deadline? What will happen after I send a submission?
What happens after my work is selected to be in the magazine?
Do contributors receive any compensation and/or benefits?

Field Notes Submissions & General Inquiries

Our Field Notes follow the same categories as the magazine and may be a good fit if you want to write about something that is not related to the next magazine’s theme. We are looking for shorter posts (800 words and under) for our Field Notes section, however the format (e.g. article, activity, photo essay, illustrations, etc.) and sections* remain the same. Contributors in our Field Notes may have the opportunity to be introduced in our social media channels and newsletter & also be considered for future magazine publications. Introduce yourself & contact us at submissions[at]!

if you read this whole page and still have questions or just want to be part of our roster of photographers/illustrators, please introduce yourself & contact us by using this form or email us at submissions[at]